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AC compressor



Hey there,


I am hving trouble with the compressor kicking in an my 1992 Chevy silverado. I have replaced the compressor, dryer, dryer switch and orifice tube to R134 from R12. The problem is that after we put a suction down on the system and started to add the 134, the compressor came on for a couple of seconds then quit. So we shut the truck off and tried again. Same thing happened. Now it won't turn on at all. Checked the heater/ac fuse under the dash it's fine. Any help is appreciated.

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I just did one of these yesterday on my friend's furd f150.


Check for 12v at the compressor plug. If it's there, compressor.


If not, check the low-pressure switch at the accumulator/dryer. (ours was hassling us :seeya: )


If that's okay, I don't think there's a high-pressure switch. Check the switch at the control, since you said you checked the fuses, how bout a/c relay ??


Know what pressure is in there ?? Are you putting it in right-side-up or upside down ??



I am FAR from an a/c expert, but the above should help get ya started.


Lemme know what ya find.

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Took the heater controls ot didn't find any loose wires or anything. Checked the for juice going to compressor, still nothing. Check for juice at dryer switch, we've got juice! Started to add coolant than the compressor quit again. Think I blew another relay. Mmmmm? :chevy:

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