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OBD II Location

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For 1988-1995 models, the ECM is located under the right hand side of the instrument panel.


For 1996-2000 models, the PCM is mounted to the left inner fender under the hood:



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That is what I thought, Just wanted ot make sure.






I'm lost. The old body style (OBS 96-00) has a PCM, so I don't get it.


When it comes to the comment about the PCM and the follow-up about it being a "good one" I think I'm missing something. At the risk of sounding ignorant, can you "clue" me in, 'cause I don't get it.


Matt ;-)

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So what cable are you using ?


Do you have a serial cable 9-pin -to- OBDII connector?


What software are you using?


What year vehicle the 2004 with the class 2 communication or the new GM VLan?


Just curious as I'd like to do this myself...might consider the autotap but wondering how you plan on doing it...

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