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AC Problem

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I was out awhile ago taking care of some business when I noticed my AC started blowing alot slower than normal.....No matter how high you turn up the blower speed it feels like it is on setting number 1.... When I hit the recirc button I could hear the AC get louder like normal but the air wouldnt blow any harder like usual....I paid out the rear for an extended warranty when I bought it so maybe it will be covered....The little bit of air that does come out is cool and yes all the vents are open.....Does anyone know what the problem may be ? Thanks

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are those expensive repairs ? Should I take it to the dealership or a local mechanic that can maybe work in my deductible



Old post but I have the same problem. Slow cold air coming out no matter what speed or recirc on. Did you get it fixed?

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The cabin air filter is under the pass dash by the blower motor. There do a google search, there are a few good websites that have pictures on how to replace it.


As for the blower motor resistor, mine was $18 at autozone. My 1 and 2 fans speeds were inop. Not hard to replace at all. maybe 20 mins. Most of the time is spent twisting around under the dash to get the trim cover off etc. It's located just before the cabin air filter.

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Hello Readers. New to this forum.


I have a 2001 Tahoe with 125K on it. 5.3L, 4WD, 4DR, LT(AutoRide).

My problem is an AC system failure. I have read hours of related postings and decided to post this message.


#1 For a little over a year now my AC compressor has made a bit of a knocking noise when it cycles on. I didnt think much of it since the AC was working fine and I have heard this noise in other vehicles.


#2 Late last summer I noticed that my rear AC was not working, I also noticed a fast ticking noise which I thought was my fan blower. The noise occurs during idle or driving and only when the fan blower is on. It didn't seem to matter if the AC was on or not. I figured I would replace the fan motor when it failed.


#3 Since the beginning of this summer I noticed a decrease in AC performance. During a long road trip I had the AC blowing for about 3-4 hours. When I stopped to refuel I heard a hissing noise coming from the AC compressor area. I could not see what was leaking, but I am almost certain it was the refrigerant. When I got back on the road I noticed my AC was no longer cooling and the ticking noise was gone. Since my blower is still working fine, I figured that the noise was coming from the compressor. I assume that the ticking noise was the compressor and since the refridgerant leaked out, the compressor would not longer engage.




The belt is in place and in good condition.

The compressor will engage when jumpering out the senor plug from the aluminum cylinder thingy (what do they call this thing). When I jumper the plug just for a second the entire engine wants to stall. I am assuming that the compressor is seized up at this point.

One other point to mention. Most of last summer I used to get this "jack hammer" noise when accelerating. I thought that it was my transmission. It seemed to occur on the first drive in the AM and after sitting for a while. It only seemed to happen when it was extra hot out. This noise has not occured since the season changed last fall, but it has occurred once this summer prior to the AC failure. Could this be related to the tension pully issue?




#1 If the ticking noise was coming from the compressor, then why would it occur whenever I was just running the fan blower in heating mode? Someone told me that in newer vehicles it is designed to run when the blower is on. This way the compressor wouldn't sit unused for 9 months out of the year.


#2 Do you think I should plan to replace the compressor and procede with an entire AC system overhaul?


#3 If a system overhaul is advised, then can you point me to a good site that may assist me if I choose to procede to do the work myself.


Thanks for reading my post. Sorry it is so lengthly; I wanted to get the details out there.


Mike in Montana

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01 2500 HD is doing this also. Did it a year or two ago and checked TSB's and replaced control head. Doing it again and replacing control head again didn't help. It only does it after it is run for 30-60 minutes. Just fades away. Lower air flow with warmer air temp.


Also checked wiring and not to tight. Another TSB.


Any techs. have any ideas?


Thanks folks.

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