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  1. They can try to blame the tires, but using different tires than OEM (assuming they are same size and load rating as the OEM) in no way affects the vehicle warranty.
  2. By then they may not even have a V8 anymore. Everyone is turbocharging small 4 and 6 cylinder engines now. With all the problems they have now all they need is a crappy quality turbo and undersized intercooler made in China.
  3. Was that "factory highway shake" standard equipment or an option?
  4. He is referring to caliper mounting bolts, not the sliding caliper pin bolts! I think those sliding pin bolts should only be tightened snug. I assume that these are floating calipers.
  5. I still have my '06 Z71 crew cab. In my opinion, this year truck was the last more solidly built 1/2 ton Z71. It has torsion bars in the front instead of struts, it has the old style recirculating ball hydraulic steering (still retained on new 2500 and 3500 series trucks), and the paint is definitely of much better quality. The truck has no AFM on its 5.3 engine. Overall, I think pre- 2007 trucks were heavier and better built, except for the relatively weak 4 speed 4l60 auto transmission. But with proper maintenance and sensible use, even that transmission will last a long time. The best part is they are reliable and have very few issues. Same for the pre-2007 full size SUVs like Tahoe and Suburban. They can be driven hundreds of thousands of miles with regular maintenance. I routinely see pre- 2007 Tahoes and Suburbans for sale in great shape with well over 200k miles on them.
  6. The trucker's insurance should be happy to pay for your truck replacement as you were not injured. Here in Florida we have lawyers who advertise their services on house size billboards all over the place how much money they got for their clients. They literally invite the public to sue everyone who causes an accident. They are totally shameless. Truckers carry high liability insurance due to damage potential their trucks are capable of. $ 1 million+ judgements are not uncommon for injured people if it is trucker's fault and injury is serious.
  7. Try this product to touch up your frame. it is a wax like yellow color substance and it stays tacky and attracts dirt, so eventually it will be black like the rest of the frame. It adheres well to painted or bare metal and it provides great protection against corrosion. The cost is about $ 9/can and most marine supply stores have it.
  8. This appears to be a different issue. The evaporator is located inside the truck, the condenser is in front of the radiator in the engine compartment. the case that holds the evaporator is made of plastic or fiberglass, so your problem is most likely a crack in that plastic or fiberglass housing. Normally the condensed water from the evaporator coils is drained through the truck floor onto ground.
  9. https://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2016/03/the-mysterious-chevy-shake-is-affecting-pickup-trucks-now-too.html "GM does not believe this is a safety issue. Unless it is deemed a safety issue, GM is not obligated to recall the trucks." Translation: Go pound sand. So the only way you are going to force GM to fix this problem is not to keep buying these trucks and hoping that yours will not vibrate.
  10. Thanks for the info. I was considering buying a new 2018 Colorado 4X4 WT. It has a 3.6 V6 and 8 speed automatic. It is a shame that they do not offer a nice 6 speed manual transmission with that package. Considering all the vibration problems with full size Silverados and this 8 speed auto transmission issue I do not think buying a new Chevy truck is a good idea now, no matter what the discounts. I could actually get about $9 k off the sticker with my GM card rebate included on that Colorado, but I'll pass. I do not need a headache, I will keep driving my 2006 Silverado with the old 4 speed auto. No issues with the engine or transmission so far (although the truck has low mileage).
  11. I live in Florida and population explosion here on the East Coast in recent years mean a lot more boat owners and bigger crowds at the existing boat docks. There are definitely rude people out there and they make it rather unpleasant for others. I have not taken my boat out for over a year, so I do not know how much worse dock situation will be now. I am holding onto my boat only because it is paid for. If I sell it, I will not buy another one.
  12. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/detroit-diesel-dd16-detroit%E2%80%99s-biggest-compound-turbocharged-heavy-haul-engine/ar-AAt052X?li=BBisPVf&ocid=spartandhp
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