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Another Newbie ?


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Hello out there! I am new to the site and am looking for some advice etc.


I am looking at buying my 1st Chevy, It is a 97 Silverado, 2500, 5.7 Vortec,

full trim pkg, 2 w/d, Ext Cab, L/box, 4 spd auto, 4:10 rear end, 96000 kms, Maroon & Tan, 8700 gvw


I will use the truck to tow a 23.5 ft 5th wh, approx 8000 lbs loaded, a wife and 2 mid size dogs


Not being familiar with these pick ups, I am wondering if anyone can tell me what I should look for, were there any reported problems with year and model,

how do the trannies stand up. what kind of mpg could I expect, I'm not a speed demon, running reg hwy speeds, 60-65 mph.


Did they make this truck with a 5 spd, If so, I cannot fine one


Just some questions, any input appreciated




Thx much,

Penticton, BC

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One of the things to look for on that truck is a coolant leak. Look at the front cornners of the intake manifold were it meets the cyl.heads and also look in the rear at the same place,also look around the coolant nipple and check the weep hole at the under side of the water pump.

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