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2500/2500HD...real difference?

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I have owned a 2000 Silverado 2500 4x4 for the past couple years (bought it used), is there any significant difference between the 2500 and the 2500HD?? I have the 6.0 beast under the hood...not sure of what tranny and gear ratio.

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1. Rear axle on a 2500 is a 9.5" baby 14 bolt. Semi-floating

HD has a 10.5" full floating w/6.0 and 11.5 w/ 8.1 and Duramax

2. HD frame is larger

3. Transmissions are the same i think.

4. 2500 came standard with the 3.73 gear ratio w/ 4.10 option, HD w/ 6.0 came with 4.10 gears.

5. I think in 99-00 the 6.0L had iron heads, the HD was introduced in 2001, 01 and up 6.0L have alum. heads

6. 2500 has a GVW of 8600 lbs. The HD is rated at 9200 lbs.

these are the things i can think of for now, might remember more later. I had a 99 2500 sierra nbs. loved that truck.....plus it still had the cable operated throttle....gotta love that over this new crappy electronic junk

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