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More questions... Supercharger, accessories, etc.


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Ok, I have an 84 sierra with some sick engine out of a sprint car. Holley 650 carb, LT1 heads, rebuilt chevy 350 4 bolt motor (s this 5.7 liter?) from a sprint car aluminum pulleys, double pumper, 400 turbo trans, flowmaster manifold back, and god knows what else.


Q1. Can a supercharger go on a carburated motor? If so, what the most cost effective one and easiest to install? (I am short on money)


Q2. Is JC Whitney still the king of cheap? Is there any other companies out there selling aftermarket interior/dress up and novelty parts just as cheap? I need tons of interior parts.


Q3. What diference does a cam make, how hard are they to install, and how much are they to purchase?


Thanks all. If you have any input please feel free. I want this thing to be stupid fast but I am not that knowledgable on engines other than having the mechanical inclination to do anything so long as I know I am installing the right part. Its FAST when rpms are up and its dropped into second, but a dog through first.


Any tips or ideas are greatly appreciated from the gurus.

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