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New owner of 2003 Envoy 2wd, Wants 4.10 rear gears

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Hey guys,


I'm new to the GM truck forum. I own a 2003 Envoy LT.


I've added a K&N FIPK cai kit, JET TB spacer and ordered a Jet Stage 1 chip.


I'm going to add the Flexalite electric twin fan setup.


The envoy is decently quick as it sits being 2wd and having 3.42 gears.l


I'm wanting to know if anyone knows if the 2wd setup i have now has a locking differential or a type of limited slip?


Also, i can pickup a complete 4.10 rear axle assembly and was wondering if anyone has done a rear gear change in the envoy yet?



For the speedo correction i'm getting the JET SCU-2000 speed calibrator.


Let me know guys, i plan on adding some bigger wheels and tires on this beast so i need a better gear.


BTW Gas mileage is of no issue...


Thanks guys,


Cory J

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