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Opinions on exhaust style

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I am looking into a supertruck style set up for my shortbed. I like the styling of the dual tip and the exit in front of the rear tire.


I am worried this will too loud for my taste and ruin my ride on the highway.


I am also looking for some opinions/pros/cons of other exit points and styled tips.


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I would be wary about having the exhaust exit just in front of the rear tire.

Ford ran the exhaust that way on the '97 F-150s and they had problems with the aluminum wheels bluing over time. Apparently the exhaust gasses cause the wheel to blue over time.

Ford issued a recall the moved the tailpipe behind the rear wheels and it fixed the problem

If it were me Id run the exhaust straight out the back. :confused:

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I have mine coming out just behind the rear wheels. I have straight pipes and it is plenty loud of you get on it. Its really not that loud when driving normal and at highway speeds.

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No problems with my Gibson Super Truck system. It's got a nice growl to it, but I don't think it is excessively loud. I always thought the length of pipes would make a big difference, but the muffler really does its job. My buddies F-150 with Flowmaster 40's run straight out the back is far noisier than my truck.


I suppose it really boils down to a matter of taste. That and I'm not particularly worried about my wheel becoming blued as they are to be painted black.

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