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Audio only to DVD for playback instead of CD's

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Has anyone used Audio DVD Creator or some other type DVD burning software to create audio only DVD's?


6 full bandwidth CD's per DVD is much more desirable than a CD changer.


Not that I'm into the way MP3 sounds, but is there a DVD deck that reads MP3/WMA files from a data DVD?




Interesting product, in that it'll burn audio files into a DVD-Video format...doing it this way would get around the issue of trying to burn files directly to DVD (similar to what you would do if burning to CD) since otherwise the deck would have to be able to read DVD-ROM format...and not many car stereo decks I know of can do so.


The "catch" with Audio DVD Creator is that it'll need to convert MP3 ito AC3 in order for the disc to play in a DVD player as DVD-Video...so if you have thousands and thousands of MP3 files, you'll be waiting a long while while it converts the MP3 into AC3.


Given this, I'd prefer to have a deck that can play DVD-ROM in addition to CD-ROM, of which there are many MP3-capable car stereo decks currently available.

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