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Hockey Stick Stripes


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First of all....this has been cleared with Mervz....


OK...Here They are... Still working on the details such as Available Text, Cutout or Solid Text, Placement of text etc. We will also offer the stripe with a finished end like shown or longer if you prefer to wrap it under the edge of the fender.


I know it is a bit hard to see, but there will be a 1/8" Stripe and then a 1/8" cutout stripe for the body color to show through.


The text on these was just added quickly to show one example.


We will have options so you can create your own design. We will be offering them in Black, Flat Black, Silver, and White to start. Custom Colors can be done upon request.


Some of the Text Options will be....


SS logo


6.0 High Output


Vortec Max


364 High Output

SS Silverado


6.6L Turbo Diesel

5.3 High Output

and any others that might come up.


These are shown on my Crew Cab with fender flares, but the end of the stripe will be about at the rear of the extended cab glass on those trucks. The end of the bottom is 6 1/8"wide and the stripes are about 118" overall.


I will be cutting a set to install on my SS and will add the pics when it is complete.


They are also pulled a bit closer to the front due to the fender flares, but will be centered on the front of the fender without the flares.


Pricing for the set will be $160.00 plus $9.00 for shipping for the standard listed colors.








Here are some of the options...



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Is there any way to get them all the way to the bed of the truck? I kinda like the old school look an the Camaro where it ran all the way back. You `re the first person i`ve seen with this stripe, I`ve looked at various shops here with no luck.

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Actually, these stripes have been designed to fit a 2003 - 2005 Silverado. They are 6 1/4 wide at the front and I am not sure there isenough room on a Seirra fender. If you have 6 1/4", they will fit.


As far as the old Camaros go, the stripe actually ended at the door handle similar to the ones on mySS.


These are longer to work better with the larger truck body.


It is not very easy to just stretch them longer witthout re-configuring te entire stripe.

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ok, next questions, do you have any pics of the stripe on a regular cab truck ? and can you make them in a dark grey/charcoal color , about the same shade as the graphite interior color. i have a black truck and dont want white or silver. if you can moke this color, is it the same price? thanks.

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I do not have a picture of the stripe on a regular cab, but I measured, and the stripe goes back about even with the back of the fuel door on the bed.


As far as a dark charcoal color, we can do it but there will be a $30.00 upcharge.



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