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okay so I have a little project I'm looking to start. I'd like to take a shuttle computer and make a DVR out of it. I have my home PC (Athlon XP64 3200+) next door and I have a very large mp3 collection along wiht a pretty decent movie collection as well.


I'd like to watch/listen to my media on my DVR in the next room using wireless networking. My fathers Dell was recently shipped with Windows XP Media Center and I think it might have the capabilities to do this. I figured I would load the software and run it like a DVR except be able to access my PC in the next room wiht the touch of a button. Anyone have any tips on Media Center (or conflicts wiht AMD processors and other hardware I'd need) or has anyone used other DVR software that I could run in conjunction wiht XP Pro?



I'm an AV Technician so I'm pretty familiar with Marantz equipment. I've recent come across a Marantz media remote I really like. Anyone know how this works with other DVR software? Most of these remotes seem to be setup for Media Center and not other DVR software.



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