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Door Hinge Pin And Bushing Replacement On 1991 Sub

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Hi All,


I am getting ready to replace the hinge pins and bushings on my 1991 suburban. As you know, the Sub still had the 73-87 old style body.


I have the pins and bushings, and am a pretty good mechanic, but was hoping to get some tips from those that may have been down this road before.


Looking at the set-up, it looks like I will have to unbolt the door from the hinge in order to have enough clearance to pull the top pin out.


If you have done this, is this indeed necessary? I would really like to not have to un mount the door from the hinge to avoid having to re-align the door and go that process.


The other thing, is that due to the "crimp" on the end of the OEM pins, it looks like I will have to cut the pins in half in order to drive them out. Is this the only way to go here?


Any thoughts or advise would be most welcome!!





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I did this on my 92, once... To be honest, if you know someone in the body shop business, they are the best. A lot of experience there and the cost of the parts is all that is about required to get it taken care of. I would tap into some body repair manuals at the library for sources of info (that's the route I usually go).

Just my $.02's --Mike

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