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Costar Bluestar 2010 Or Galaxy 1000

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I bought a BlueStar unit last year in a group buy and I'm still unsure about it. I have tried it in two different trucks and often the person on the other end has trouble hearing me. I have tried adjusting the gains and whatever, but it just seems like such a p.i.t.a. I hardly use the unit because of the trouble. I'm hoping I can get it dialed in so I didnt throw away so much money.


Anybody have any good suggestions for the settings on a 2007 GMC 2500HD Classic?


I had hoped that the unit would have worked as good as the onstar phone when I used it. I never had complaints of sounding echoed or had to make any adjustments or anything with that.


Are any of you guys running a galaxy 1000 unit on a truck like mine? How does it work?



I'm just sitting here today thinking about it and wondered how others that bought with the group buy got along with their units and how they might compare to others out there.



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I have replaced many CoStar's. Your 2007 Classic while not listed is compatible with the Galaxy. Please read my testimonials and give it a try. 100% money back guarantee, and I'll even send you a label if you want to return it!




www.galaxy1000.com or by phone at 781-753-3117

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