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  1. K2 RC clazzio seat covers

    Great !!
  2. K2 RC clazzio seat covers

    Do you have any pics ?
  3. New bolts after bed liner

    Plastic liner came from dealer, I kind of disagree. People that spray in liners, spray in liners. Don't seem to make much since to carry hundreds of bolts for the many different truck types ?? maybe it's just me. Now if it where the Chevy dealer that dealt with my particular vehicle maybe
  4. New bolts after bed liner

    Checked my agreement, no mention of replacing stock bolts or any other. Spray in liner and warranty??
  5. I just had the spray in bed liner installed. The truck looks great, my issue is that the bolts that held the old plastic liner (tailgate panel) is now too long. (looks weird) what did you guys do ? is there a part number for shorter bolts ?
  6. 'Interior Driver Assist Handle'

    I ordered mine from amazon for my 2016 worked perfect !!!
  7. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    installed the Pace Edwards Switchblade, installed n about 30 minutes. so far so good !!
  8. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Wow, after reading several pages of this over and over I decided to go with the Pace Edwards retractable. I believe the lund covers are the best for protection, the only draw back is bulkiness and having to remove when needed. The keys for me is sleekness, flush mount. the only things that I didn't like about the panels is that they covered the rear window. I am now on search of permanent type cargo manager like roll-n-lock offers. roll-n-lock says it only works with their rail system, which I think can be worked around !!!
  9. cargo manager

    I have the one from amazon, looking for something more permanent. Roll=n=lock has one that's perfect , but the guy says it only works with their roll-n-lock system. I think it should be able to adapt to any rail system, just wondering if someone had one or knowledge of one?
  10. cargo manager

    does anyone have or use a cargo manger like the one "Roll N lock" has. Their system only works with their roll n lock system. I have seen a few but not sure about the quality. My buddy has one from Toyota but it is s dealer item from them ??
  11. Console swap 2.0

    I have 2 of the cables that I never opened or used. I simply left the glove box connection as is so I didn't use it.
  12. Bose subwoofer replacement option

    Yes it's the same, I did not have bose and it works the same. I thought that it was different at first but if you remove the carpet from the sub area you will find the same as the bose !!
  13. Bose subwoofer replacement option

    Not that he needs it but I installed this in my truck and WOW !! simply clean and amazing, should contact GM and sell directly to them. I didn't want to deal with under seat boxes and was a little skeptical at first but at this price point I said what the heck!?
  14. Does anyone sell a kit to lower the front 1" ? don't want 2" think it will be to drastic. Had 2" in my 51 and had to remove because it was too low.

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