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  1. You have this work on your YouTube? I absolutely love that idea! Having the pods connected like that means they are always in use instead of dormant just waiting for a signal sweet idea bro
  2. beat me to it! i was about to say that. looking at these lights i want a pair just trying to figure out where i want to mount them
  3. They are the ride height adjustable 5100s. My ranchos were trash these dont feel as harsh as others make them out to be but that's just my opinion
  4. yah totally agree there was always this strange hesitation when it transitioned out of v4 it drove me nuts. maybe its in my head but its gone since i added this.
  5. i got mine for the same reason till mine is up soon got some small mods to make still before i get a tune. v4 mode being disabled its like driving a different truck! its worth it till then
  6. Oh wow the flares are a gm part?! Totally didnt see that coming! What a neat find I haven't seen anything else like em!
  7. Your flairs are very subtle I like that! Where did you find them? I ended up having line x spray my wheel wells and fender flairs on because I didnt want anything to obnoxious sticking out.
  8. finally got around to installing my bilstein shocks! tossed the front rancheros they are trash compared to the 5100's such a better ride i have them set to highest setting ride has been good! then added AEM high flow filter with the MIT tube. got a nice growl when accelerating! small but good upgrades!
  9. they have one down the street from me im gonna look them up!
  10. looks very nice, got a night/running pick of them? been curious bout them myself!
  11. bro if your gonna go after snow like that you need these things mounted on your truck!
  12. i changed mine around 35k mine looked similar also did the rear diff at the same time. it was pretty gross aswell cleaned it up really good before i replaced seal (which was a pain to find) preventative maintenance for the win!
  13. is there a youtube video showing the install process on this?
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