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  1. My 16 crew cab had factory 17" alloys with LT265-70-17 load range C's. BFG makes a LT265-70-17 in load range C and a LT285-70-17 in load range C.
  2. Well said Donstar! More is not always better or necessary. When we camp, we are outside. The camper is for sleeping, bathroom, storage, and some food prep. Rainy day? sit outside and play games. we sat outside in a storm with 6" of water at our feet playing cards with friends, something we will never forget, good times!
  3. btj_Z71, do you still have the hypertech for sale?
  4. The actual date code may only be molded into one side of the tire, in this case the inside of 3 of your 4 tires.
  5. Looks like a Quarter to me. lol Someone had to say it...
  6. A weight distributing hitch may help more evenly load your truck. You may be overloading your rear and unloading your front axles making for an unpleasant towing experience. Properly set up, It would transfer some of the tongue weight to the front axles. My 16 crew cab has factory LT 265/70R/17 Load range C Bridgestone Dueler A/T's and I tow a 26' travel trailer at around 5500lb loaded with a WDH and it tows well. I will not switch to load E tires! If I wanted a 1 ton truck I would have bought a 1 ton truck..
  7. I just dealt with this issue. I changed to the GM recommended trailer end plug which did not fix the problem. Ended up checking all grounds on the trailer. there was a ground terminal block that was corroded. Changed that and cut wires back to clean copper. Also where the main ground wire attached to the trailer frame, removed and cleaned the ground block and frame to bare metal and through bolted it back onto the frame, then cut back ground wire to fresh clean copper. Problem solved for me! Hope this helps. Also could be a shorted to ground trailer brake wire somewhere, often times the wire that is fed through the axle grounds out inside.
  8. Here's mine ready to head out. Bad shadows, but you get the idea.
  9. I've had the Access Vanish for over a year and am happy with it. nice low profile. it fits within the bed rails so the Adarac rack can mount on the bed rails. pic attached from adarac website.
  10. I’ve never had one done for personal use. I have seen this place listed on other forums https://m.blackstone-labs.com I think their tests are around $28
  11. I just thought of the oil analysis idea last night. There’s a local lab I’m going to try. I need to contact them for pricing and whether they service the general public. They test oil for my employer.
  12. Hello all, I got a call from my service writer on Thursday. He said that there's no excess fuel in the oil and that it was simply overfilled with oil. I'm sure they did an oil analysis, right!? I do my own oil changs and have done my own oil changes for the last 35 years. I did not overfill the oil. I told them to leave it alone and I will drain some oil out. What I'm going to do is give it an oil change and take an oil sample to have oil analysis done on it. I'm also going to start saving oil samples from each oil change for future reference. Truck's still in the shop awaiting a second new exhaust system, but, I'll do this as soon as I can when I get it back.
  13. I just took my 16 Silverado CC in yesterday afternoon for rising oil level and gas smell too. I’ll post dealer “fix” when I get her back.
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