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P0700 Code? P1192, No Mil.


Im searching and scouring the web to find out what the deal is with this code. I have another one that came with it, a P1192.


1996 GMC Yukon, SLT 4x4. I attempt to erase these codes and they either do not erase, or immediately come back.


not sure what to correct or look for. ive replaced the engine and trans about 20k ago. engine from a 99 burb, and the trans was a core unit that i had refreshed. so ive pretty much been all through the thing. engine and trans done at the same time.


Ive read something about a ground wire upgrade or update to correct this? when searching google.


thanks in advance guys, and im still searching.

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anyone know if i should be worried?


p0700 seems to be a random trans code, but it doesnt have any specific diag procedure that i can find.

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