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2000 GMC K2500 5.7l, spark from coil but not dist



I have a 2000 GMC K2500 with the 5.7l vortec. Started running rough then went to a crank no start. I have no spark at the plug wires. Tested spark out of the coil wire. Have a nice crisp blues spark from the coil so I thought the cap was bad. Replaced the cap and rotor with new ones. Same issue, spark from coil but nothing from dist. Turned the engine over by hand to verify the rotor is turning which it is. I have another truck that is identical. I swapped the coils and modules and tried it. Same result. Any one have any other insight on where I need to look next? I have a snap-on MT2500 and looked at data. I have rpm movement so therefore I should have crank signal. I back probed the cam sensor signal wire and turned the engine over by hand. I have a 12volts then goes to 0v the back to 12volts as you turn the engine over, so it seems to be good also. Any help would be greatly apperciated. Thanks Jesse.

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Update. Been working on this on and off all day. I now have spark on 2, 3, and 5 but no where else. The test was done on all cylinders with the same wire. I also tried a couple of the non-firing cylinder wires on cylinder 2 and they spark so that eliminates the wires. Again, new cap and rotor, even tried an old used cap and rotor and same thing. Thanks.


Changed out coil wires with a know good one off another truck, same result.

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