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Gidday from the Ottawa Valley

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Well, folks, I joined up today. I live in an old farm house near the village of Sarsfield, just east of Ottawa ON, in the lower Ottawa Valley. I was basically looking for a web site with tech info as I have a ’95 GMC K2500 Suburban with a puzzling “no start” issue, and I liked the look of this board, especially as it has a “talk to a GM tech” forum. :) In addition, I’ve always like trucks and have several used ones over the years since the mid ‘70s, most for when I was farming part-time; here’s a list in a rough order of ownership:

  • Early ‘70s Ford (sorry about that :rolleyes: ) 350 4x4
  • First gen. IH Scout 4x4 (not sure of the year) (farm truck)
  • Several Chev/GMC 1500 pick-ups (farm trucks – three I think)
  • Dartsun 710 diesel king cap ((not sure of the year, late ‘70s I think)
  • ’86 GMC 3500 flat bed dually (farm truck)
  • ’86 GMC 1500 van
  • ’88 GMC Sierra/1500 (former farm truck and race car hauler, now parked out by my barn)
  • ’95 GMC K2500 Suburban 4x4 7.4L (local and race car hauler)


While I like trucks, especially when I was farming, my real passion is racing. :driving: I’ve had a go at racing several times over the years since 1963, first with a co-owned ’56 Lotus 6 in ‘63, two MGBs from ’67 to ’69, a home built F5000/FA car (briefly) in ’70, and now an FB Mazda RX7 from ’02 which for the last couple of years has been dormant due to time and money issues. :sigh:


I can expand on my racing at some future time if anyone’s interested, but right now my big concern is getting the Subbie running again. It’s gonna be a long tale of woe so it’ll be a while before I can do a write-up, and I’m guessing that I should post that in the “Ask the GM Technician” forum. I also have to play around a bit with my settings (avatar, photos, etc.), and figure out why this last paragraph is in bold type. :confused:

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I found a few pics:


'95 Suburban






The '88 Sierra, stuck by "she who must be obeyed"






And a bit of history, the IH Scout



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Thanks for the welcomes, folks. Right now, amongst other things I'm working on my no-start issue post, and trying to get all the info in without making the post too long. See you on the "talk to a GM tech" forum soon ... I hope.

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Well, folks, I just posted my no-start saga on the "talk to a tech" forum, so keep your fingers crossed for me for a successful fix. :fingersx:

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