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Some Lift Manufacturer Pro's and Cons from members

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So usually when I need a question answered I turn to the Chevy forums but I have to admit, the more research I do on lifting my truck the more I get confused!


For starters... heres what I want to do-

I am planning on getting a set of stock GMC 20" alloys and some Nitto Trail Grapplers 35/12.50/20's to go on my NNBS 4X4 Crewcab. I don't go offroad in my truck so my only real concern is the ability to clear the 35" tires for day to day driving without having to cut any metal (Im okay with trimming some plastic or zip-tying it back if needed) I am also trying to stay away from having to do a body lift if at all possible.


I've narrowed everything down to a few kits so Im hoping to get some insight from members real life experiences more so than opinions on a couple of the following kits/setups. How were they to install? How did they ride? Will they clear 35"s? Pro's and Con's?


Im trying to list kits under the $1500 price range so if there's some others you recommend please list them and why


kit 1- 7.5" Rough Country lift with upgraded Bilstein shocks


kit 2- 5" Rough Country lift with adjustable Bilsteins cranked and possilby adding a bottom leveler for height


kit 3- 7"Full throttle Suspension lift kit


kit 4- 6.5" Zone Offroad suspension lift

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Thanks for everyones help! Now I'm torn between the "Zone 6.5" and "FTS 7". And Deconstruction hit the nail on the head about BDS and ZONE. If you look at their install instructions they're identical... with the exception of 2 or three photos being updated.


I'm assuming both kits involve about the same amount of work. Does anyone know if what the manufacturers claim are the "real" heights for these kits?


Damn... decisions, decisions!

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bds or fabtech, fabtech will give you closer to 8 inches of height and clear those tires perfectly fine, and ride great, bds will give you 6" and mine rides great



I'll second the BDS or FabTech. Top quality, really can't find anything built any better. Great customer service if you would run into a problem or have any questions.

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