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Looking at 2" rear blocks, what size u-bolts

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I am looking at getting a set of 2" rear blocks for my truck. I don't know if I will find a set of factory 2" blocks off a GMT-800 or go with some from Zone. Since I will be going .75" higher, obviously I am going to need new u-bolts. What size are the factory u-bolts as far as diameter, length, etc?


I figured I would need some that are roughly 1" longer.


I am also still on the fence about getting a set of Hellwig helper springs because from what I've read they tend to raise the rear of the truck anywhere from 1.5 - 2" and I'm not wanting that much rake when I'm not towing.


I've also considered a set of Firestone airbags but I don't tow that often and they are about $100 more than helper springs. The Hellwigs run an average of $150 everywhere I've looked. I would also want to put in a t-fitting to supply equal air pressure to both bags since I won't get a compressor at first.

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I am planning on the ReadyLift 2.25" rear block which come with the u-bolts. I think it would be a safe bet to just add on the height of the new block and make your u-bolts that much longer than the stock ones....

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