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OGM1 with Rosen 7550 rear headrests

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Just did an OGM1 and Rosen headrest install on a 2012 crew cab Duramax. Ordered from Walt at ADC and the customer service was amazing. I have zero electrical ability so luckily Walt answered all my dumb questions and I was able to get most the answers from their videos online without having to bother Walt.. I had a few questions when installing the headrests though and hopefully this may make it easier for others.


The headrests come with some extra cables that you won't need and you will have to find a positive power source and a ground to hook the wires to next to the connection in the rear of the ogm1. Walt has this mapped on his page, huge help once you realize what it's a map of. There are only 1 cable that leads out of each headrest so it's pretty easy. Be careful when removing your seatback to not break the little clips. I ran mine all under the door tracks and made the connections behind the dash.


Ogm1 you will fight with a little trying to get it all to fit back into the dash especially with the added bulk of the cables for the Rosen headrest monitors. Take your time and when you get frustrated walk away for five minutes and come back to it. total install for ogm1 and headrests was about 3 hours. this was nothing compared to the 8 hour job and bleeding knuckles from the katzkin install but that's a totally different story.

But between the rear entertainment, nav, and leather kit I saved about 4k over dealer pricing. 11 hours of work to save that kind of money was well worth it.


Two questions I have if anyone cares to respond, how can you make the movies from your iPhone pop up on the rear headrests? Do I need to do more wiring? Please tell me no. Lol


Also when the kids are watching the DVD on the headrests how can I listen to xm in the front? Thx

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