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I have a CW9 that I use as my CCW. It has proven to be very reliable and pretty accurate for its size. I went with the 9 bacause I was unsure about the recoil of the .4o in such a small handgun. Also the 9 holds 1 more round than the .40. The cw is very concealable yet is very comfortable to shoot. The trigger pull is long but consistent.

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I agree with kdixer, in the CW series the 9mm is probably a better choice. I have both the 9mm and 40 and carry the 9mm most of the time. The 40 definately has a snappier recoil and I can get the 9mm back on target faster so thats the one I usually use. They both are very reliable as long as you break them in first. Kahr recommends 200 rounds before they are fully broken in. My 9mm had only 2 issues early while breaking in and none since but my 40 had 6 but none since, not many considering thats in more than 200 rounds. I really like the fact they are very light and virtually dissappear while carrying, my wife usually doesn't even know when I'm carrying.

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I was thinking the same thing as far as felt recoil with 9mm vs. 40. I am more partial to Glocks and I am considering either a 26 or 27 (I already have the holster for this gun too) but will see how the Kahr's feel in my had. Plus the price is not bad either.


I'm also looking at a Kimber Pro Carry or Ultra Carry but they said that reliability can drop with any 1911 style pistol with less than a 4" barrel. The Pro Carry is a 4" and Ultra is a 3". But they are both pretty pricey. I could buy the Glock and Kahr for the price of the Ultra Carry.


I'm going to go check out the Kahr's and see how they fit my hand. I've been reading about them and most people seem to really like them and are super easy to conceal. My wife usually cannot tell that I'm carrying my 23 and that can sometimes be a tough gun to conceal and I want something a little smaller.

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I have a Kahr PM9 and love it. It's a great little CCW and can be carried in a pocket with the proper holster. They are expensive though. If looking for a PM sized pistol, check out the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. That's the next one on my list and is comparable in size for much less money.


The Kahr CM9 is the same gun as the PM9 wit ha few less fancy things done to it for $200.00 less. It's a really good choice if a small pistol at a good price is what you are looking for.

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