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1997-1998 PCM? (long)

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I'm having trouble figuring out what I have. I was told the motor I bought was a 1997 but I'm starting to think it's a 1998. The PCM #'s say 1998. If it's a 1998 I think it will have to be worked on because of VATS. I have the stock engine harness but none of the PCM pins would match up. This is for a engine swap but I need to retain all emmisions. Are the 1997 and 1998 5.7 Vortecs the same engine? I read some where that the 1998's have an air pump which mine doesn't. I stumbled accross a member on a search that probably has all the answers I need. Does this name sound familar? M.Cueva? Does anyone know how to pull the VIN out of the PCM with out a working harness? My harness also doesn't have the OBD2 port at this point in time. I'm about ready to spring for an aftermarket harness. Please Advise! thx matt

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