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2003-07 iSimple Gateway and OEM-1 Amp Interface $45


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I traded in my 2006 Silverado and pulled my PAC ISGM575 iSimple Gateway from my truck. This kit allows you to control your iPod through the factory 2003-07 Classic Silverado/Sierra Sat/XM compatible radio. You don't actually need XM/Sat, just the "Band" button. This kit charges your iPhone/iPod and can navigate by artist, song title, playlist, and genre. Shuffle and repeat work through the radio buttons and artist/track information is displayed on the radio screen.This iSimple kit is plug and play, no splicing or wiring required. The unit outputs CD quality sound. I used this unit with the factory AM/FM/CD unit that is SAT/XM ready, but my truck didn't have it. I am including my PAC OEM-1 factory radio / amp integration kit. This kit converts the radio out (+) and (-) wires into RCA cables. I ran RCA cables to an amp behind my seat, which then returned to the harness and into the factory speaker wires. I spliced/soldered a few connections on this harness. The OEM-1 harness is plug and play with the iSimple Gateway and truck wiring. I had a pretty nice system that looked 100% factory. I am asking $45 shipped to your door.





More information and application guides can be found at http://www.pac-audio...7&CategoryID=36

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