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Help with oil leak location



So I changed my oil tonight, been trying to locate an oil leak and think I finally found it. Originally I thought it was the rear main seal but tonight I finally found the source. Now can someone tell me what this part is and if it is removeable without losing the oil in the motor or not.


5.3L motor, 4x4 if it matters.


Fitting is on the drivers side of the block, about 3" directly in front of the mating surface for the engine/transmission. I would call it a freeze plug, it is about half dollar in size but this one has a hex head opening in the middle of it.


Seems my oil leak looks to be weaping from there if it is possible.


Can anyone confirm if this is indeed a oil galley and how does this plug come out and how to do re-seal it?

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Not entirely certain but that sounds like where your block heater would be installed. I do believe the hex head unscrews like normal bolt. Unfortunately I don't know if there is oil or antifreeze behind it. Don't remember what the block heater warms up. Sorry I can't be more help.

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