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08 Silverado WT a/c issue after installing temp/compass rearview.

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Hey everybody,I am having an issue with my Silverado. I just added a temp/compass rear view. I put the 12v wire on fuse 48 under the hood ( aux climate ctrl (ignition) temp compass inside mirror) is how it was marked on the fuse box. I noticed on the way home from my shop that hot air was blowing from the vents with the temp knob turned to cold. Turning on the ac had no effect, it blew hot on panel, defrost ,and floor. I removed the wire I added for the rear view but it did not help ( didn't think it would.)


If I turn the temp knob I can feel a "brief" coolness then right back to hot. After letting the truck sit for an hour at the house I went back out and everything seems to be normal, If l turn to cold it is cold, hot is hot. What am I looking for here? bad temp actuator? Any and all help is appreciated! 2008 Silverado 1500 WT 4x4 4.8 with manual ac. Thanks again!

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