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TPS Code P0121 and now No Heat



2007 NNBS 4.8 123,000 mile. So I get this TPS Code P0121 when out of town on a hunting trip. It cleared itself on the way home but came back on when I got home. About the same time it came back on my truck shutdown the service stablitrak message,tractin control off and reduce engine power messages came on. The truck would Idle but no throttle respones at all. I disconnected the battery on the side of the road and reconnected the truck started and ran fine. I did a search a read where a dirty throtle body can cause this issue so I took it off and cleaned it yeasterday after cleaning I went for a test drive and the truck shutdown again twice with the same messages as before. I disconn battery each time and all was good. This morning I crank it and have no heat at all its 30 degrees this morning. So i come here for advice. Im out of warranty.

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