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Aux lights won't turn off

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Today I bought some auxiliary lights for my truck. I had a old wiring setup and decided I would use it. It has a relay and a fuse it worked fine on the lights before but now when I put power to it the lights come on but the switch doesn't turn them off.


I grounded the relay and the lamps on the same screw that grounds my headlights.


The relay has 2 white wires coming out of it if I hook them both to power the lamps come on but only if I hook both white wires up.


The switch has a white wire and a red wire neither are hooked to the lamps in anyway and I'm sur they are supposed to be but where?


I tried different ways of connecting the switch into the relay wires but none worked


Where does the red and white wire on the switch need to be connected to switch it on or off?


Does it matter that I used the same ground for both lamps and relay?

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It's my switch I'm pretty sure. It's a micro bug switch with a white wire,red wire, and black wire, the black wire just makes the indicated lights work, the red wire hooks up to power and the white wire goes to the relay. The red wire has power all the way into the switch but when I flip the switch the power doesn't transfer into the white wire but if I hook the white wire directly to power the relay flips and the lights come on so I know it's working.


Is there a switch I can buy by itself that is like the one I have it's a pilot wiring harness setup pl-harn3 is the name of the setup.

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