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JOTD: Dream Auction

Bad Bowtie2

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A young married couple wakes up in the morning, and the wife says, "I had the weirdest dream."

Her husband asks, "What was it about?"

She responds, "I dreamed that I was at a penis auction, the really big ones went for about $100,000 dollars and the smallest ones for $1 dollar."

Her husband chuckles and ask, "What was one like mine going for?"

The wife reply’s, "They were giving those out as souvenirs!!"

The husband offended, the very next morning he says, "Wow honey I had an incredible dream!"

His wife curiously asks, "Oh yeah.. what about?"

He says "I dreamed I was at a vagina auction this time, the tightest ones were going for $100,000 dollars and the loosest ones for just $1 dollar."

His wife asks, "Oh really, what were ones like mine going for?"

The husband responds, "That's where they held the auction!!!" :crackup:

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