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2002 2500HD 6.0 Engine Noise



My engine has been making this a knock, for tapping sound for the past 125,000 miles. It really hasn't bothered me, but I am very curious after reading 1,000's of posts on what the noise could be, and even though I don't believe in snake oil, I have tried everything on the market to quiet it down and every brand oil.


Here is a link to a YouTube video I just posted.




It gets quiet when you get speed up off idle. This truck has 218,xxx miles and has been making this noise longer before 100,000 miles. It is quiet on the top end, but the bottom end sounds like it is got marbles rattling around in a can. I really notice it the most with a stop beside a wall and the noise echoes off the wall, very loud then.


When I first start it, it makes zero noise (except the piston slap in the winter), after 30 seconds or so it starts and doesn't ever stop until you speed the engine up. Anyone heard it before? This is my first post on here in years, any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.



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