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Getting some squeal from Hawk LTS pads and Slotted rotors

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Two weeks ago I put on some Hawk LTS pads and powerslot slotted rotors. I did the bed-in processed that Hawk recommends but now I am getting some squeal. It seems to start at about 20 mph but I can't tell when it goes away at higher speeds because of the other road noise.


I greased everything and used the CRC Brake quiet on the back of the pads and now it is squeaking. For the first few days I had them on they were quiet. I think it is only the driver's side because I can't hear anything from the passenger side.


I'm going to redo the brakes tonight and regrease everything with some Silaramic that I picked up last night. It says it's good for all moving and metal-to-metal contact points so I'll give it a try. I thought about even lightly sanding the rotors too.


When I re-bed them, do I need to make harder stops from higher speeds since I've already done the bed-in once before?


Any other suggestions?


I can't remember if I remembered to grease the slide pins the first time. Could that be the reason for the squealing while driving?

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So last night I took everything back apart and regreased everything and make sure the pads and rotors were clean. I used Silaramic this time and also re-bedded the brakes.


I am still getting the squeal at about 10-15 mph and it does not go away. When I stop it tracks straight and true and there is no vibration and I don't think that it's a caliper sticking. It's not super loud but it's there.


Any other suggestions? Can I spray brake cleaner on the face of the pads to make sure they are clean? if not, is there something that I can.


I have contacted both Hawk and Autoanything to see what they can do.

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Do your rotors have a mirror polish on them? It they do, scuff with a sanding block or a emery disc to take the polish off and rebed them.

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Yeah take some fine grit sandpaper to the rotors and scuff them up. Slotted rotors are sometimes noisy but its more of a brushing sound then a squeal. Did the new pads come with shims for the back of them? Try putting the old shims on the new pads and see if it still squeals.

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I use the fine stuff, usually somewhere in the 150 - 200 grit range. Scuff them in a circular motion. Try scuffing up the pads a bit as well, it may help get rid of your squeal problem.

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Garnet paper would probably be a good idea, since you have a pre existing squeal that you don't want to make worse.. I've never had any problems with regular paper though.

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