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2012 gm hdd navigation



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thats great ya have a scanner ,,,,,,,however thats just a paperweight unless you have subscription to GM service information so you can program the radio/nav system....


here is a little paragragh from GMSI



Verify LOC, LOCKED, or CODE is not displayed on radio.

    • If the radio displays LOC, LOCKED, or CODE, reprogram the radio. If the
      radio still displays LOC, LOCKED, or CODE after performing the reprogramming
      procedure, replace the radio
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Yeah im using greg at cps audio to get everything he made my harness and i originally bought a gm hdd but the map was from saudi arabia so now i got another one and i have it right now getting programmed with greg!

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If you don't have any luck getting the unit un-locked you can contact these people.




They can unlock it. The cost is $100. I don't know if they can change the screen from Denali to Chevy. When you contact them (if you do) you can ask that question. I would think they could. They hook up a Lap Top and a programer and rewrite the program.


Let me jump back in here for a second. I know they are able to program earlier models but I haven't talked to anyone with a newer model that got it programed. I would think they could. But there is always that "BUT". If you contact them let us know what they are able to do.

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They have the subcription....i cant see the paragraph you post it...im trying they said i have to take it to the dealer but they say they might no be able to unlock it and still charge me for the unlocking at the dealership

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see if this is of any help



Retrofitting 2012-2013 Hard Disk Drive GM Navigation Headunit into GMT900 that did not have the option from the factory






Q. How can you get the dealership to program this unit properly?



A. I personally did not have it programmed at a dealership. This is something that needs a bit more technical programming so I used CPS Audio Video in CA to perform all the programming. Made sure the reverse camera and guide lines were activated. They can just do more in depth programming that even the dealerships can't do.



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