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Brake Problem?

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I have this problem with my truck. Everytime i brake and only when i brake the steering wheel jumps. You can also feel the truck jump a bit. This only happens when i brake and also my brake and abs lights are on. Any Ideas of what it is ?

It might be rotors or bushings right ?

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Your steering wheel is pulling to the side where you have a good brake. Because your brake light is on you probably have a serious leak in the caliper or being a 99 probably the brake line. In a car the front right and the back left are on one of the piston in your master cylinder and the other 2 are on the other. When you lose pressure in one side there is a piston which will slide over and seal off the bad side so a leak won't cause you to lose all your brakes, just half. When this piston slides over it will turn on your brake light on the dash. I have a 2001 and GM is a little different from a car at least in this year. I'm not quite sure how the piston is hooked up as both back brakes are a pair. But if your steering is pulling and your brake light is on I'm pretty sure what I described is correct.

Your ABS light is on too. Couple of possibilities there. Is it on when you start your truck and not go out, or does it come on when you brake and then go out? If it is continuously on then you probably have corrosion affecting the wheel sensors and there is a GM recall on that problem and they should clean and fix it for free. The ABS comes on when there is a speed differential between the front wheels. That year just had ABS on the front, same as my 2001 I believe, no sensors on the back. If the light only comes on when braking it just means your good brake is locking up. You should feel the petal pulsing as the ABS regulates the pressure to stop the lock up.

I would start looking for the leak, should be a wet spot on the brakeline. If you have someone to step on the petal you will see the fluid squirting out the hole. You should also have one side down on your brake fluid reservoir. If it happened quick it is probably the brake line. If it is slow and you didn't notice the brake fluid levels going down it could be a caliper seal.

I had a rear line blow on my 2001 this spring. I'm in Canada and deal with salt on the roads in the winter. I had to replace every one, they were all rotten. Turned into a horror show of a job. If you have to do all your lines I have a few tips to save you major time, all learned the hard way, lol.


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