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Plastic Mirror Housing...

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1st post here on GM-Trucks but not new to the forum scene, longtime member on SilveradoSS.com...


Anyway, I just picked up a 2004 Suburban 2500 for a DD. The passenger side mirror housing is cracked...the guts of the mirror are all good. Glass, extending motors, turn signals, etc. all work fine.


My question: Can you buy just the plastic housing? I cannot find one anywhere...to buy the whole assembly is north of $300...just looking to swap the mechanical parts from the cracked housing to a new one...


If anyone has one...or knows where I can get one it would be a huge help.



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Did you have any luck on finding just the plastic housing? My brother went off the road in my truck last year in the snow and the mirror hit some thick brush and busted up all of the housing on it. Like yours all of the internal parts work (power folding, turn signal, heat, and power adjustment) so I just need the housing and the exterior light but all I can find are the whole mirrors which are pricey and I just want to swap the internal parts out.

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I'm pretty sure GM just sells the whole assemblies for the mirrors, and for some of them, you can get replacement glass.


For cheaper ones, there's:




CraigsList or kijiji.ca in Canada


Used Part places [where they take apart wrecked trucks for the specific part you want]

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