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265 - is the width of the tire


65 - means that the sidewall height is 65% of the width of the tire


18 - the the diameter of the rim


That means that your stock sidewall should be about 172.25mm tall and the sidewall on the ones you want to put on should be about 185.5 mm tall.


You could go wider and go with 275/65/18 or 385/60/18 with minimal affects your Speedo or odometer. Stick with Michelin's, Bridgestone's, or BFGoodrich's. If they have them in your size the BFG All-Terrain T/A KO's are awesome tires. Stay away from Goodyear! They are garbage and wear super fast...


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You can go to Tire Rack or tire mfct web site to get specs on tires. And Tir Rack is a good place to check prices...I saved a bunch buying from them.

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Those 265/70s won't be that much different. At speeds below 45 it won't even vary, at 65 you may actually be closer to 68. This will depend on the tire and brand, as some run large and some small.


However to answer your question that size will likely fit.

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265/65/18 = 31.56"




That is the rolling circumference, new tires would be a little over a inch taller. That will throw the speedo off a decent amount and make it show slower than actual speed.




A lot closer to stock and wont change the speedo by much at all.

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I dont think the dealer cant recalibrate the speedo, only aftermarket tuning can. Only thing dealer can do is program for stock sizes. I would go with the 275/65/18 if it was me, wider and will be just a bit taller without really throwing the speedo off.

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Im not sure either ill call tomorrow and find out. The reason i want to go that size is because i found just rubber for that size, and i didnt know of they would fit. Maybe i will just save up for the winter and use what i have until i can buy the right size. After all she is under two months old i dont want to break it yet haha

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I bought the Toyo Open Country AT 275/60-20 and my odometer is off. Consequently my fuel mileage is not accurate. The dealer tells me they cannot recalibrate. Is this true? Would I have to buy an aftermarket programmer? I have made 3 trips to New Orleans from Bham. The first trip i averaged 21.5mpg, the second 17.5mpg, today 16 mpg. My hopes are that the tires alone did not affect my fuel mileage this drastic..


I have the 2014 GMC All Terrain.

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