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Plan to level my truck, want to avoid the same issues with my '10

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So I have a 14 on order, I already know I want to level the front. I did this on my 2010. Put in a ready lift level kit on the 10, didnt use the 2nd spacer because the front was slightly higher then the rear with it, perfectly level without it.. The issue is now anytime I hook up my trailer the back sags, heck even if I put some stuff in the back it wants to sag. I know I could air bag it but dont think I want that much cost yet...
is there a solution to this... maybe an extra spring in the back? Some mention of a billstein kit? not sure
I will have the max tow package so maybe it will be a bit stiffer and not sag as much?

any thoughts on this would be great.

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In my 2010 I put a Readylift 2.25 level kit and one inch taller blocks in the back as I like a little rake still. I pull trailers and it has been ok. It doesn't look like the hood is up in the air or anything. I would have done the same to my 2014 but I am trying a four inch lift this time around :)

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Don't add a leaf. It will ride like poopy. Just simply get a larger block. Mine lifted the front 2.5" and the rear 1". The rear sits a half inch higher. I'd honestly like a little more rake cuz I tow a larger boat. So once summer comes I'll see how it sits with the boat hooked up. Then if I want a touch more rake I'll get a 3" block with new shocks. I was told you only want to go with a 1" taller block then stock before you will need to get longer shocks.



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