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Album or Station art question

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I decided to see if there was a way to get album art/station art to display on the mylink screen and contacted the the live chat Mylink people at Chevy.com. Basically my question was is it possible to see the station art or album art provided by XM and some local HD radio stations the the Mylink screen. The person I was talking to did not seem to have a clue and referred me to my dealer. When I pressed for more info I was told that the mylink system would display all information that was provided by XM or the HD station and if I was not getting what I expected to go to my dealer and have it corrected. So, with that said is anyone have luck getting the art from either XM of HD radio station displayed on there radios?


Here is the conversation:

Welcome to Chevrolet. Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

[You are now chatting with Travette.]
12:05:36Travette:Hello and welcome to General Motors Infotainment Customer Support! My name is Travette, how may I help you today?
12:06:34Customer:Hello, I own a 2014 Silverado and I am wonder two things, One will we ever get album art or station art on the display from XM or HD stations
12:07:12Travette:That information is provided from XM when available, I apologize.
12:08:00Customer:What about HD radio stations, I have riden in other GM vehicles that have at least the station art
12:08:18Travette:What type of GM vehicle was it, as they are not all the same?
12:08:28Customer:An arcadia,
12:09:05Customer:I dont care that they are all not the same it seems like a software thing not a hardware item
12:09:41Customer:You have a genirc icon there now, is a update planned to bring those features?
12:10:53Customer:Sorry for the XM icons are you saying XM is responable for that feature?
12:11:49Travette:I am sorry, I am not sure what you mean that there is a generic icon there now, can you clarify.
12:14:43Travette:Are you still there?
12:14:47Customer:when I put on a radio station I just have a generic looking radio tower that says FM under it. When I put on an XM station I get a generic looking XM symbol with the letter XM under it. On other GM vehicles the HD channel has shown that station's art if available.
12:16:01Customer:In my wife aftermarket XM radio she gets album art from XM
12:18:25Travette:Per the manual, HD Radio Technology is a free service with features such as static-free sound, more programming choices on local FM HD2, HD3, and higher, and on-screen information such as artist and song title.
If the information is available then it will display. I apologize, but I cannot compare an Acadia to a Silverado as GMC vehicles have or can have the IntelliLink system and the Chevrolet vehicles can have the Mylink systems. XM radio information will display if available, we do not control the the radio information or what displays, I apologize.
12:19:36Customer:Well my radio has horriable reception is full of static
12:20:54Customer:Also XM is sending the album art according to them and say that it is my radio cannot display it.
12:20:56Travette:If you have not had XM send a signal refresh, I suggest contacting them to do so. If that doesn't resolve the issue, I would suggest taking the vehicle into your local dealership for diagnosis of the concern. The phone number to XM is 855-MYREFRESH (855-697-3373)
12:21:27Customer:So are you saying the radio should be displaying album art?
12:24:07Travette:I apologize, but my computer is moving slowly. I am saying that if XM chooses to display album art and it is available then it will display. The system information is only going to display if the station allows for it.
12:25:52Customer:well, I know certain HD radio stations broadcast the Station art and my Radio does not display it.
12:26:39Customer:But I can see the station art displayed on other HD radios,, so why does mine not
12:28:00Travette:Again, I cannot compare, what you have told me was an Acadia to a Silverado. I apologize, if you need further clarification, I suggest visiting your local dealership.
12:28:15Customer:But they refer me to you
12:28:26Customer:saying you are the experts
12:28:29Travette:Did you visit or call?
12:29:09Customer:what does it matter you should be able to answer the basic questions of album art
12:29:20Travette:The dealers are our eyes and ears in the field. If I cannot resolve or answer your questions, and you feel your vehicle is not operating as it should. I suggest taking your vehicle into your local dealership to have the concern diagnosed.
12:30:06Customer:That what none knows, Is this a feature that should work with FM HD and XM or not?
12:30:20Customer:Can you please give me a straight answer
12:30:57Customer:I you can not can you refer me to someone other than my dealer who can because they are unsure as well.
12:31:35Travette:I have explained, that the per the manual if the information is available then it will display. We do not have control of it not displaying. I apologize that this is not the answer that you were seeking. Have you contacted XM?
12:32:24Customer:so it should work is what I am getting from you, Is the a link that I can get that confirms what you are saying?
12:33:03Customer:Because the information is available It just is not being displayed
12:36:50Travette:You can refer to your infotainment manual, which is what I have referenced when providing you the answers to your questions. HD radio information starts on or around page 14. And XM information on or around page 16. Is there anything else I can help you with today?



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wow..... Where do they find these people?????


FYI: Customer service agents rarely receive significant training, as their jobs are often done by contracted 3rd parties. The person you chat with has a computer program that generates answers based on key questions/words. Unfortunately, they're of little help when you have a detailed question. It sucks.

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