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Okay, so I went ahead and got my OGM1, and my first impression is that it is great. The iPod connectivity is seamless, The Bluetooth works perfectly, and the radio reception is actually better than any vehicle that I've had since I moved to Michigan 12 years ago. I get radio reception on stations that I've never gotten before. The only downside that I have seen so far is the unit takes a while to boot up, and is a little slow changing stations or inputs. Sound quality is a far sight better than my stock radio. I have not had much a chance to play with the Nav, but it looks pretty good based on my first look. I also purchased some Rosen AV7500 Headrest DVD players, and those have worked out nicely, although the wireless headphones that came with them are pretty cheesy. I also purchased a backup camera, but I have not installed that yet.


I purchased everything from Walt at ADC Mobile, and I have to say that customer service simply doesn't get better than what Walt provides. I ran into a few little issues during my install, and Walt had all of the answers right away. By the way if I had bothered watching Walt's install video, I would have seen that my issues were covered in there.

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