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Will BDS rear leafs settle? Binding in reverse

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I have the BDS 6inch lift with Fox coil overs and BDS rear leafs. For a 6inch lift the oe 1inch block is supposed to be used with the new leaf springs. My truck is sitting 1inch higher in rear and I am getting some binding when in reverse. I think the drive line angle is too much but if the spring settle maybe the binding will go away? I have read that JEEP BDS lift leaf springs on other forums settle 1-2 inches after 2-3 weeks.


I am also getting stabilitrack coming on in turns if I am on the gas. Wondering if this is caused by the driveline angle being too much. BDS told me if I correct Speedo and have dealer 0 out the steering wheel position sensor. i am going to call them about the binding tomorrow.

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