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Zone Leveling kit/body lift questions

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Hello gents,


Ive been doing alot of searching on this website and others trying to figure out what I would like to do with a truck I recently picked up. Its a 2014 Silverado 1500 z71 4x4. I just had a few questions.


Im looking at installing a zone 3.5 combo lift, but i am wondering if the leveling kit will screw up the angles of my front susp and cause issues down the road? I do not want to risk hurting the life of the vehicle by putting in a leveling kit. Also I do like the rear to be a little higher (like factory rake) so is there anything I can do to keep the rear up with this 3.5 inch combo Kit?


Also does the lift affect any of the towing/sensors or hill decent or other features on the truck?


Lastly will 3.42 gears be able to turn a roughly 33" tire fine without losing ability to tow or or eventually ruining the tranny? I see alot of people run this same kit with 33s or similar but never specify if they regeared or anything of sort. This is my first nice truck and id like to keep the life of the truck so If any of the mods will affect the longevity I will opt out.


Thanks for any information gentleman I do appreciate it. If there are any negatives about the kit or what Id like to do please tell me.

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