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2014 Supercharged 6.2 All terrain 4x4 DC for sale or buy SC separate

bass mechanic

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OK guys, I've now placed my order for a new 2015 Sierra Denali


if you've been on the forum much you know who i am. i got the first SC installed by Edelbrock on a 6.2 truck.


the truck made 537 hp at the wheels.


anyway i am selling it because i need a little more room and i would really like to have the 8 speed.


my truck books out at 38k totally stock. my dealer has offered me 35k for the truck just today in STOCK format (i am a pretty good negotiator) they will give me 36k for it as is with the SC and my wheels and tires.


i have not officially listed it anywhere but here yet until my new denali is actually in the build process. but since posting it here is free and among a lot of GM truck enthusiasts, i figured i would give the early warning out here.


the truck is actually leased and if you are interested i will transact this sale through my local dealer as a trade in. doing so saves me the hassle of dealing with people who cannot afford to buy it, it facilitates my trade in process and also provides a means for finance should someone need that to buy it.

the dealer has agreed to charge you the dealer handling fee of 400 bucks to do all the paperwork and depending on the sales price i may be willing to cover that for you.


i have 2 months before i take delivery of the new truck, so i am NOT looking to unload this truck Immediately. it has 22,700 miles on it as of today and likely will have a few more before i am done with it, but the truth is this is my spare vehicle and it sits in the garage for up to a month at a time until i have a need to haul my dirt bike or tow my trailer. it will accumulate miles very slowly


so if you find yourself not having enough time to make a decision, you now have a little time to secure your financing or sell your current truck if you need to do that. i can work with you on holding onto it in the mean time.


now having said that, my truck also has the HID projector retrofit and 4300 bulbs


i blacked out all the chrome on the sides of the truck with replacement of the door handles, mirror caps with OE gm PAINT-ABLE parts painted OE color. the chrome strip on the doors is covered in 3m Vinyl wrap and can be removed as well as the door sill below the windows.


i am keeping my LED tails but i have the OE lights also tinted to put back in.


the truck comes with front tinted windows to match the rear with 5% eye brow across the top of the windshield


assuming i get my asking price the black chrome wheels seen below with near new tread on them.

i also have a set of OE wheels (chrome 17") that have brand new studless snow tires on them.


the navigation has had the HMI upgrade to allow texting feature and video playback as well as nav entry in motion.

i have also added the GM rear accessory tray under the back seat. and pop - n - lock tail gate lock i will leave on the truck.


it also has GM black tubular side steps and GM splash guards.


The entire front end of the truck is covered in clear bra and as a result is virtually chip free with the exception of a very minor chip that happened before it got protected.


also has dual black chrome exhaust cat back system.


there are otherwise no dents, dings or scratches on the truck.


i also just got a brand new battery under warranty last week. (unknown why the old one didn't hold a charge)


that said, since the dealer offered me only 35k for the truck without the SC. i am prepared to remove it and sell it as used on ebay for 4k or best offer. because it is worth far more as a part than they are willing to pay me for it. i will likely hold out for that amount which is nearly half the retail price and not including installation. to buy this kit you would easily be looking at 9 grand with tuning ect.. it comes complete with the hand held programmer so in an afternoon you could install this yourself with a few tools.


the wheels cost me 2k in total, i figure 1/2 that cost as used is fair and i am not even going to factor in the 800 i spent for the clear bra or 150 for tint.


So if you take the 35k offer and add in 1k for the wheels and 4k for the SC both at 1/2 the cost of new you arrive at a figure of 40k for the tuck as is i am still negotiable at that number but i certainly won't go any lower than the 36K since that what the dealer is willing to pay me for it.


before you ask, i am not selling the wheels or any other parts separate. but i may sell the supercharger before i trade the truck in. if your serious about buying it let me know. i know some of you know what i paid for it and that is irrelevant to my asking price because i know if i sell it on ebay to someone who does not know what i paid for it they are going to buy it all the same.


if you ask me, 40k is a killer deal on the retail side since you don't have to do anything to it, EB also gave me a 3 year 36k mile drive-train warranty. i can talk to them about transferring it if interested.


the advantage for me and you is that your getting an already cool truck with power to boot and you don't have to do a thing but come pick it up and drive it home. (immediate gratification) and i get what i would like to get for it without having to take it apart and sell parts separately.


I still get 22 highway MPG with the blower but if you get into it, your at 60 mph in under 4 secs. i can tow my 7,000 trailer up an 8% grade at 65 mph with room to spare!











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