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OEM Camera to aftermarket radio

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I have a 2014 WT Silverado with IO3, and was wondering if an oem backup camera would work with an aftermarket radio (PIoneer 4200Nex). I've already checked the junction box by the spare to see if the camera connection is there. All looks to be in place. I am wondering where the connection would be located within the cab? Any help in the matter is much appreciated! Thanks

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Yes the OEM camera can be retained and used with your Pioneer. I do it all the time. If you are going to do it you should go with the ADS-MRR (iDatalink Maestro RR) and HRN-RR-GM3 harness. This will give you full Maestro function as well as porting vehicle data to the 4200NEX, including steering wheel controls, camera, park assist, gauges, tire pressures, HVAC, door status and OBD2 access for viewing and clearing DTCs. It will also let you access OEM vehicle options normally accessed through the OEM radio.

I have the same radio that came out of my '05 going into my '15 soon. Also you should get the Pioneer CD-MC20 mic to run the Auto-EQ feature. it's about $20 and will make your truck sound so much better.

Pioneer/Maestro Demo Video

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This is feature coverage for the OP's truck

Feature coverage
Steering Wheel Controls

Two Functions on Each Button
Standard and Expanded Radio Functions
Navigation Outputs
Accessory Power Output (15A)
Parking Brake Output
Reverse Light Output
Illumination Output
Vehicle Speed Pulse Output
Foot Brake Output
Warning Chimes
Warning Chime Retention
Volume Adjustment
Programmable Turn Signal Reminder
Reverse Camera
Camera Retained
Vehicle Settings
Access and Modify Vehicle Settings
System Retention
Voice Commands
Internal Phone and WiFi Hotspot Retention
Selectable Performance Gauges
Park Assist
Retain Park Assist Chimes
Distance Display on Screen
Vehicle Info
Tire Pressure Display
Battery Voltage Display
Read/Reset Check Engine Codes
Door Open Status and Warning
Programmable Options
Manual or Automatic Climate Status

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