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WD Hitch?? Maybe??

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I have a '14 ccsb 4.3 and purchased a 21' hybrid camper dry weight of 3150lbs (per the scales) we got a chance to use it one weekend and it weighed 35xx lbs. I imagine once we really get using it this coming spring it'll be loaded up pretty good. I can't see an extra 500lbs but I'm not ruling it out either. Would my set up benefit from a weight distributing hitch or am I overthinking this. I'm getting between 10-12mpg towing it, rpms sit around 22-2400rpm and trans temp stays under 200F. Truck has a 2" rc level and zone 1.5" add a leafs out back. Thanks in advance


The attached photo of the set up is before I added the rear leafs7f929d5f51176106544b766c5e1cf640.jpg25d2e581ddbae12a1e81b2684b02a4c9.jpg


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Find a used one for sale with sway control brake. If you find you don’t need the levelers, pull them off and you still have the sway control. I have a 36’ almost 10k lb TT
that I’ve pulled with a half ton nht for 3 yrs.
Just bought me a 2500. I have a pro-pride P3 now and may not use the load levelers with the 2500. I’ll still have the awesome sway elimination of the pro-pride hitch.

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