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2007 Classic 2500 HD OBD2 no power

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New to this forum and forums in general. I purchased a 2007 Classic 2500 HD LBZ that was involved in a flood. I have found and fixed all sorts of electrical issues. there is no power present at the OBD2 port and I have checked the fuses that are mentioned on other forums. this truck was pretty much submerged, I have replaced the lower junction panel and every other item that was under water has been cleaned and treated with deoxit. I am curios if I could run a straight wire to the OBD2 connector, any help would be great. I got the truck running and fixed many other issues, I am down to just this and a message that reads service 4WD

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If memory serves, it should be a 15a fuse in the underhood fuse box. I think it's the cig or lighter fuse. If that doesn't work you could certainly run a switched and fused wire to the obd connector.

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