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My fix to my 2019 GMC Headlight problem

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I own a Body Shop in Anderson SC.I just bought a 2019 GMC 2500 in December of 2018.Drove it a week took it back to dealership for headlights flickering and vibrating going down the road driving me crazy.They change Headlight got truck back it was worse than before.Carried it back it stayed there a month with GM involved in it.They said that it was normal for this type truck with heavy duty suspension I said BS I have been working on fixing cars for 40 years and this is not normal by no means.So I have fixed my lights myself after about 3 weeks of doing different stuff.All you got to do is get a good set of aftermarket HID bulbs will help you 100%.https://headlightrevolution.com/2016-2018-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-morimoto-d5s-hid-projector-headlight-bulb-upgrade/ These are the ones I used I love my truck now.Don't know why GM couldn't have figured this out.

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Don't know why GM couldn't have figured this out.

1. Good for you. Glad you got this irritant resolved (on your own). I am ocd and would have lost it over something like this. I feel your previous pain.

2. As far gm figuring stuff out....i am batting about .600 with dealerships figuring out legitimate warranty issues that are their issue / responsibility. Sad fact: get used to that. Ref your issue/scenario: been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Case in point : my nav head unit bought it some weeks ago. D-E-D dead. They replaced it. It was acting wonky as hell after they did though, so they told me. Kept it 3 days, no resolution. Insisted on taking it home. It was wonky, that was true, acting bizarre, but working to some degree. Disconnected battery overnight. All normal since. Don't ask me why. That worked. They didn't try that in the 3 days they had it.

No judgement. Just observation.

Is what it is anymore.

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Hoping to repair a headlamp issue this weekend on our 2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD.  The passenger side low-high beam light is visible when you look in the assembly but it doesn't shine or light up the road.  We tried to adjust the lamp by moving it up with the turn screw with no change.  Hoping the D5SC1 new unit will correct the problem.  Does anyone know of have a video on how to remove the old assembly?


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