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Parking brake help 2014 silverado LT

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This is my first truck so i have never had to deal with replacing parking brake pads before.


When i did my back brakes and rotors the parking brakes were so rusted they basically fell out. I put some new pads and spring kit in what I thought was correctly but the brake still does not work.


They only go in one way from what i could tell and i set them up exactly how i saw on a youtube video. The only difference was the bracket thing that is connected to the brake line going to the ebrake pedal was not sitting flush against the dust cover. I had to fight it in bad on one side to sit flush, the other side was not too bad. When i installed the rotors they grabbed and wouldnt pull off easily so i assumed they were good to go, when i installed the new pads i screwed that little adjuster part so it was as short as possible before i installed it.


Any idea where i went wrong? Ebrake pedal goes all the way down and pads dont grab. Does not seem like they are engsged at all i dont hear them scraping while i drive or slowing down my acceleration as if they were permanently engaged. Do i need to adjust that little gear piece while turning the wheel until i feel it just scraping?

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Pics of your parking brake stuff you replaced will help.

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