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Should GM Pay Health Benefits To Striking Workers?


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There's an old saying, "Them that works, eats."  One could expand that out to having health benefits, also.  


That is, unless you're a liberal, then you probably expect the rest of us to cover everything for you.  

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Sorry but I believe being as they are on strike and have not quit their jobs they should still be receiving medical benefits and any other benefits they were getting.

 I agree with the workers they sucked it up when GM was having a money problem now they are showing so much profit they should be paying the employees a more reasonable wage also they should not be shutting down plants if there is no market for the vehicles a plant makes they should retool and make a different model that there is a market for after all the workers at the plant never got to decide what they were making the company decided why should workers be laid of for bad decisions by the company that is just not right lay of the idiot that made the decision for the company not the workers that made all the money for them with their hard work. Also the CEO's should not be getting the ridiculous high bonus's and yearly pay they never get their hands dirty just sit in their offices and decide life changing decisions for the flow  line workers and lay off hundreds if not thousands of workers because they screwed up take a look at Detroit the town that made GM the vehicle king they are it wasn't GM it was the people that worked for them and made them into the company they are today, before you say the workers got paid to do it but now they get a pittance of what they should get. I know there will be people disagree with me but I saw all this first hand I worked on the line for AEC in England and we the workers worked for 5 year out of date wages just to help AEC get ahead they then shut us out and called it a strike we didn't strike the company shut down and locked us out. When we were allowed back in it took the foundry at least a week before they could make crankcases so we were idle in the area that drilled and tapped the crankcases anyhow AEC ended up shutting down due to bad decisions by the company.


Before someone come along and comments on the bad punctuation I wrote as I felt 

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I disagree. If you don’t like how much you are making, work hard and find a new job. If you don’t like your benefits, find a new job. You knew what the terms were when you accepted the job. People are just always looking for a handout and going on strike is the easiest way to do that I guess. Free benefits while we don’t do anything mindset maybe.


My mother after her divorce raised us 3 kids and had to start at the bottom since she was a stay at home mom before. She Started at minimum wage working as a receptionist at a clinic (since the benefits were good) and crawled her way to where she is now all while making sure we got the education, food and clothes we needed all while not asking for government help. That was 10 years ago. How many people are willing to do that?




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