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Install fog lights into Canyon that doesn't have them in the first place!!



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I bought a 2016 GMC Canyon new in August of '16, and checked out the front design for someplace to put an LED light bar.

The bottom of the grille has a an open horizontal space with black plastic supports throughout, large enough for a single 30" strip

of LED lights.  I had the dealership install them as they had to remove the front bumper/grille fascia to do so, because of the black

plastic supports.  I had them use the theft resistant mounting bolts on both sides, and it looks and works great.  I bought the combo

30" light bar that has driving lights in the centre, and flood lights on both ends to light the way around turns...works well.  I bought the

U.S. made name brand lights, not the Chinese knockoffs, as I was paying for a custom install and didn't want to take a chance on the

light bar failing after a few months...over 3 years now and no issues.  The full size trucks have a gap high enough for a double strip LED

light bar, and I think they can go with a 36" long bar, but the Canyon is limited to 30".  Hope this helps!

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On 11/14/2019 at 1:27 PM, triscuitT said:



I'm trying to figure out If any knows how or has done putting fog lights onto a base model 2018 Canyon that doesn't have them? Is the a special way to do it, or do I just go buy the assembly and put it on? Thank you!



You can buy the factory lamps/bezels, but you will have to wire them and put in your own switch.  Can't run the factory setup exact.  

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